This is the FAQ section where you get all your answer asked by different users regarding mp3 Converter website ie https://convertisseurmp3.tech/

Is there a limit to convert my Mp3 File?

No, there is no such limit but I recommend you yo convert 5-10 Mp3 Audio per hour for the betterment of all users, Otherwise, the server may go slow.

How much time will this website take to convert mp4 to mp3?

It takes 4-5 second, but the length may vary if your file is heavy, means if your file size is more then 1 GB then it will take a little bit long time, but I highly recommend you not to go with big files if you don’t have patience.

What Mp3 format this website support?

This website support all types of mp3 formats, If you don’t find your required format then feel free to contact our admin for this simply click here.

Is it possible to convert my Mp3 using smart phones?

Yes , Definitely you can easily convert any Videos Mp3 using your smartphones , even this website work well on iPhones and latest Android versions.